Midoca – Heaven [Lowly Palace]

While many artists have successfully bridged different genres with dance music – metal and dubstep, or folk and house – few have attempted to do so with emo. Perhaps it’s that emo dance music is so hard to actually dance to, but such tracks have rarely come into my inbox.

However, Midoca has seemed to find that sweet spot in his new song “Heaven.” The meaning behind the song is perfectly suited to the emo genre, and the lyrics definitely back it up, as well.

“I felt really alone after a breakup and I’d begun wishing to reverse time and make myself okay with the way things ended, when I wasn’t. I wrote ‘Heaven’ in my garage alone while playing guitar and begun screaming ‘you left me on my own’ as loud as I could over my washed out guitar tone and that became the main lyric of the song which I built the rest around.” – Midoca

It’s the sort of post-EDM creativity that we’ve come to crave from artists like Autograf, Crywolf, StayLoose, and others. Check out “Heaven” below.