Mitis Drops Stunning Debut Album "Til The End"

Six months ago, I was sent a Mitis album called Til The End. Now, you might have caught on that I said “a Mitis album” and not “the Mitis album.” Well, unfortunately, that original album, good as it was (RIP “Whisper”), was ultimately lost and Mitis had to nearly start from scratch. Thankfully, Til The End still came out as one our top albums the year so far, and it has plenty competition.

Older fans Mitis will be pleased with the amount melodic dub still coursing through his veins, but the whole scope the album is so much grander than a single genre. Mitis truly attempted to make a timeless work art, and in doing so, succeeded with flying colors. From tracks like “Away” with Gioto, even to the interlude “Your Revolution,” Mitis’ artistry transcends your average “banger the week” mentality and aims to become an album you could feel comfortable listening to one year, three years, ten years from now.

A large part that timeless quality comes from the vocalists on the album – though most are likely unknown to most dance music fans, their performances become focal points on the whole release. For instance, opening the album with “Away” featuring Gioto is a fantastically strong start, pushing forward with one the best tracks on the whole album. Additional contributions from Adara, Tedy, Lauren Hunter, PartyNails, and PRXZM complete the album and give it a wholly unique identity.

Listening to the album, it’s easy to see where his inspirations came from. Melodic artists like Seven Lions, Illenium, Said The Sky, Skrux, and more have been gaining massive notoriety over the past couple years (in Seven Lions case, even more than before), and it would be quite easy to draw parallels between their music and Til The End. However, in this writer’s opinion, and I truly cannot stress that enough, Til The End blows them all out the water.

Til The End is out now Seeking Blue. Stream it below!