Most Memorable College Football Bowl Game Comebacks

In the world college football, Alabama has created a dynasty. Nick Saban, Alabama’s legendary coach, recorded his sixth national championship (his fifth with Alabama) on Monday night.

Another legend may have been born on Monday night as well, freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa, who cemented the epic comeback when he replaced Jalen Hurts as the quarterback in the second half. Alabama was trailing 13-0 at halftime when Coach Saban retooled his winning strategy in the locker room.

Can a comeback be planned, or is it a twist fate, a moment in reality where statistics and odds are useless and every play seems like divine intervention?

Coach Saban and Tua Tagovailoa are the celebrated heroes, the men that the media will lift above mortal standards in order to illustrate their accolades. But in reality, every single member the squad must believe in their ability to defeat the odds. A team must function as an unstoppable unit, a force so powerful that something as trusted as statistics and odds seem like fairytales written in a Dr. Seuss book.

College football bowl games have set the stage for some the best spectacles known to man for decades. This year’s Championship is simply the tip the iceberg when compared to some absolutely insane comebacks – like the 2016 Alamo Bowl where TCU matched the biggest comeback in bowl history with a triple overtime victory against Oregon. It’s those moments that defines college football, the mix euphoria and fear that tingles down your spine while watching young men play as if their lives are on the line.

NFL players get that check, win or lose. Matthew Stafford has never won a Superbowl, yet he’s set to earn almost $162 million during his current contractual period. For these college kids though, a championship means everything. There’s no million dollar check, just the honor and the glory. The attitude winning over getting paid may be the foundation the comeback mind state and the catalyst for greatness.

These are some the most memorable comebacks in NCAA College Bowl history.