MUST WATCH: Gerald Helps Dillon Francis Pick Out His Coachella Outfit

Leave it to Dillon Francis to take something like Coachella and make it even better.

The producer is about to perform both weekends of the music festival. Count on him to bring the bangers — and more importantly, the fashion.

Only at Coachella does “Who are you seeing?” comes second to “What are you wearing?” Dillon knows this best, which is exactly why he’s enlisting his BFF Gerald to help him pick out a Coachella outfit. Cue the fashion show.

He tries out the usual go-to festival looks — flower crown, tie dye, midriff showing (but not too much), etc. But, what he really needs is something hot. Like, literally hot. We can’t wait to see what he ends up wearing — but really hope for his sake that it’s not the outfit he ultimately decides on here.

Gerald and Dillon, the dynamic duo nailed this hilarious video in a one-take wonder. Just watch.

Gerald Picks Out Dillon Francis’ Coachella Outfit