Netflix's "Ibiza" Movie Is Out & This 1-Minute Review Is All You Need To Know

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen the Netflix original movie Ibiza — yet. Last night the opportunity presented itself and I hard passed. The official (and very cringeworthy) trailer really turned me off, but I still intend on watching it sometime to be able to rip it apart more adequately.

In the meantime, here is the only 1-minute review on Ibiza you’ll ever need. According to this guy, the movie feels like a pilot of a TV show more than anything. And we all know even our favorite shows don’t get good until a few episodes in (besides Breaking Bad, which is amazing from the get go).

The One Minute Critic goes on: the characters aren’t likable, all they do is talk, ride in cars and go to raves. To top it all off, “almost nothing happens in this movie.” Wow, tell me more. Just kidding — please, don’t.

In sum, the 2.0 rated, straight-to-streaming-platform film is a “mediocre romantic comedy that isn’t very fulfilling.” If the trailer didn’t already deter you from watching the film, this review most definitely will.

We thought you were better than this, Netflix. (You too, Gillian.)

Ibiza – Netflix Original Movie – 1 Minute Review