New Artist Spotlight: Läzro and Travis Gibb Feat. Kyra B – 'Take Me Home' Brings Pop House With a Powerful Message [Global Heist Recordings/Neurodisc]

Läzro and Travis Gibb are a new production duo based on Miami whose first track together on Global Heist Recordings was put together as a sort remix collaboration with Kyra B. While both Läzro and Travis B are well-known in the house music community, Global Heist suggested a collab for Kyra B’s “Take Me Home” track and after coming together for this song’s powerful message, it seems the duo will be working together more in the future.

The original “Take Me Home” vocals were recorded by Kyra B as a response to the #metoo women and sexual assault victim’s movement in 2017. They describe what sounds like a date gone wrong where the female protagonist, rather than being meek and scared at her date’s unwanted advances, proclaims her rights and confidently takes back control the situation. From this, Kyra B and Global Heist as well as Läzro and Travis Gibb are promoting a new empowering hashtag: #iamincontrol, after part the song’s chorus.

Läzro and Travis Gibb say that their aim with setting Kyra B’s vocals to house music was to make the song even more impactful and really highlight the lyrics. While it’s a sort tropical chill house beat, they turned the song structure into pop to add more verses to the lyrics. It seems their tactics worked, because the song, while sweet and poppy, forces the listener to pay attention to the lyrics so there’s a great and somewhat unexpected punch when it comes to Kyra B’s message. It also seems to declare in a subtle way that norms are changing and that women can be beautiful and feminine but also strong and in control, and that they deserve respect on both sides that spectrum.

“Take Me Home” is a great project for Läzro and Travis Gibb to come together on both musically and politically. It will be interesting to see what other projects they deign to work on in the future, if they will work with Kyra B again and what kind messages they will get across in their musical collaboration.

“Take Me Home” is out now on Global Heist Recordings, part a larger compilation from the label, which can be streamed . It’s also available on .