New Skrillex "Leak" Isn't What It Appears To Be [VIDEO]

Any song with the name Skrillex on it peaks particular interest of dance music fans everywhere. So when a new, potentially leaked one popped up recently, it soon garnered 326,000 plays before someone called BS. Honestly, we’re surprised it took that long.

“Skrillex – Gangsta (New Song 2018)” a video from Vevo Unreleased still declares on YouTube. Welp, we’re here to let you know it’s actually AFK‘s remix for “Gunshot” by Jackal. If you haven’t already heard, it’s a certified banger.

For those who thought this “new” Skrillex song sounded oddly familiar, that’s because it came out last year. But that’s not even the most frustrating part — the top searched video on YouTube with the proper song title and artist names only has 41,000 plays.

This kind of strange YouTube abuse actually happen

There’s an important lesson here: don’t believe everything you read on the internet. The comments section does seem to be full with tons of repetitive comments trying to correct this issue. But still, the video remains online.

As for AFK, he didn’t have much to say other than, “Lol WTF.”

We’re still waiting on new music from Skrillex. In the meantime, everyone go report this video.


— AFK ? (@AFKdubstep) May 6, 2018

@AFKdubstep someone’s trying to take credit and get views for saying this is a new skrillex song when it’s actually your Gunshot Remix

— Tyler Taft (@UPREWT) May 6, 2018

FAKE: Skrillex – Gangsta (New Song 2018)

REAL DEAL: Jackal – Gunshot feat. Jammin (AFK Remix)