Next Up: Nino Man

Next Up: Nino Man

Nino Man is the epitome the New York rapper: a hard working hustler who knows how to get it and never when to stop. The 29-year-old Harlem native has been in the streets relentlessly over the past few years and has finally forged enough important relationships and cultivated his own platform whilst flipping over the hourglass waiting for his time to shine.

Being from Harlem has provided Nino the DNA to create his own path with no worries. In fact hip-hop was once a non-worry for him as survival was the primary focus. The daily grind and struggle those from 112th & Lenox Ave face is enough to keep anyone from the area battle tested and ready to take on anything.

“Being from Harlem means you can just go through anything. Harlem is a real flashy place; real trendy. You learn a lot being from Harlem–growing up street-wise, money-wise, every category, so being from Harlem, you can make it anywhere.” Being from the notorious Big Apple borough also helped him connect with others who laid the hip-hop foundation before him. Jadakiss was one those people.

Nino and Kiss met through his manager. And once the young gun started vibing with the veteran and the music started playing, it was only a matter time before the two would ficially join forces. Since then the duo have worked on a ton music together. Nino also recently appeared on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning. It was an opportunity for him to showcase what he has to fer while also explain the bond between himself and his mentor.

“It’s an honor, it feels great and it’s a good feeling to be looking up to somebody in music your whole life and being able to work with him, taking what he know from it and linking whatever fans I have to that. I try to tell him every chance I get that I still appreciate everything.

“He always tells me to stay patient and stay with the fire. It’s like] how I’m doing right now, just building up everything I’ve got right now. He doesn’t want me to be no one-hit wonder, basically like him–been in the game for over 20 years, so that’s basically what he’s trying to do for me.”

As opposed to other rappers who promise big things but rarely deliver, Nino Man’s goal is simple; make great music and show others from his area that their dream is a reality if they keep at it.

“I know rapping in the hood is typical but there’s a lot people who don’t make it as well because they stop what they’re doing. So basically I just want to get my music out there, let the world love my music and try to motivate people to do better because a lot people need that extra push and guidance. I feel like what I came from and what I’ve been through, I can motivate people to do more.”

– Paul Meara (@PaulMeara)

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