Nick Foles Leads Eagles To Super Bowl LII; Fans Celebrate In The Streets

Prior to last night’s NFC Championship Game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, municipal staffers greased up the light poles around the city with Crisco in an effort to prevent Eagles fans from climbing the poles. Win or lose, the city Philadelphia was going to be chaotic.

As it turns out, Nick Foles and the Eagles crushed the Vikings to advance to the Super Bowl and, as expected, the greased up poles proved no match for the Philly faithful.

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Following the Eagles’ impressive 38-7 victory, fans across the city took to the streets, and the street signs, to celebrate. Eagles fans seemed to take the “Crisco Cops” efforts as more a challenge than anything.

Climbing the street lights wasn’t the only way that Eagles fans celebrated their first Super Bowl appearance since 2004. There were also fires in the streets, pelting the Vikings team bus with beer cans, driving a dune buggy up the iconic Rocky Steps, and plenty other drunken fuckery. 

Despite all the chaotic footage that has surfaced since Philly clinched the NFC crown, TMZ Sports reports that only six people were arrested on Sunday in connection to the NFC Championship game, which is far less than anyone ever would’ve predicted.

Check out some the Eagles fans’ celebrations below.