Nicki Minaj Reportedly Working On New "Masterpiece" With Lil Wayne

The APB was sent out, as scrambled Barbs searched far and wide for any sign their queen. Though initial search efforts proved fruitless, Nicki was eventually spotted posted up with the Pressional himself, DJ Clue, perhaps discussing their favorite late nineties mixtape cut. Like that, all was right again. Still, one loose end persisted, as is so ten the case in all the best detective stories; why did Nicki Minaj take such a lengthy hiatus in the first place? 

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While a temporary reprieve from social media is undoubtedly a healthy move, it didn’t stop fans from circulating outlandish rumors pregnancies and the like. Though Nicki Minaj certainly does frequently press on wax to have more sons than most rappers, none them are actual babies. Evidently, a report from TMZ has confirmed what the more logical mind suspected. Nicki Minaj, a musician, was taking a break from the noise to work on her music. Apparently, Nicki feels as if a social media presence actually hinders her creativity, and opted to throw herself into her art without any distractions. Sort like Kanye West’s recent mountainside adventure.

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It would appear that Nicki Minaj is in good company. The Queens icon has been spotted with Lil Wayne, who recently underwent a renaissance late, proving on songs like “Big Bad Wolf” that he can still outrap at least ninety-five percent the game well into the tail end his career. Mack Maine has also been sighted, and the word “masterpiece” has been thrown around. Look for that project to drop later this year.