Niglevel Pours His Talent All Over New Joint “My Music Storm”

Brooklyn, NY rapper Victor B Hill, better known as Niglevel, is releasing his newest joint titled “My Music Storm”. Pouring his innate talent all over this new track, Niglevel raises the heat and proves the hype around his release, a song about unrequited love, as he falls in love with a girl who thinks he’s just another ordinary rapper. 

Niglevel is from the hood and he’s proud of it. Driving his inspiration from his roots, and always surrounded with a family that had something to do with music or dance, he concots a special mix of new old school and trendy sounds. 

His creative nature has led him to pursue a lifelong journey with music, beginning in his twenties to record multiple tracks, then coming back to rap years later. 

Today, it’s with “My Music Storm” that he intends to conquer the loyalty of the many Hip-Hop fans out there in search of raw, sincere, and visionary artists like Niglevel to update their playlists.  

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