pluko drops his debut album 'sixteen' on Odesza's Foreign Family Colletive

Thanks to New Music Friday, it’s become increasingly difficult to wade through the torrent of releases every week to find the gems that deserve our attention. Again, thankfully, I’ve known about the release of pluko’s debut album, sixteen, for a while now, and I’ve been prepared.

Four select singles from the album – “need ya” feat. Nevve, “pink.,” “asleep” feat. MOONZz, and “l o v e” – have already been released, giving fans a fairly good idea of the album’s sound, but nothing truly compares to the completely playthrough. The album isn’t terribly long, clocking in at 12 songs and 36 minutes, making this journey as easy as going from one side of Hollywood to the other during rush hour. (I realize that task isn’t “easy,” per se, but you get my drift.)

sixteen begins with “lost,” an appropriate title for a song about not knowing where you’re going. Throughout the following 33 minutes, you get a sense of time passing during the day, from afternoon to dusk and finally sunrise again. It’s a story told through sound, and it’s never been more clear.

And for an artist who was forced to completely rebrand himself only five months ago, that’s a stellar achievement by anyone’s standard. Having the album released Foreign Family Collective, Odesza’s label that includes the likes of Big Wild, Kasbo, Jai Wolf, RÜFÜS DU SOL & more, is quite an accomplishment in itself, as well.

If you’re on the road, scroll down for the Spotify stream. If you’re at home, we really recommend that you take a moment during your day and listen to the album with the video below.