Pnpmar Gathers Hot Tracks in a Sure-Fire Hit Album “For The Culture”

The artist’s early exposure to the world of poetry and music has driven him to rely on his talents for more than one occasion. After performing covers to famous songs, Pnpmar decided to begin with his own creation at the ripe age of 17. 

Pnpmar’s unmatched talent to mix different vibes, styles, and moods is perfectly apparent in his new album “For The Culture.” The Philadelphia native artist boasts just the right dose of swag and lyrical genius to boost his fame through the roof. With a healthy blend of R&B and rap, the talented artist effortlessly introduces a world where both genres can coincide simultaneously. The tracks “Bounce,” “Light Em Up,” and “The Spot” hold a more prevailing upbeat tonality, boosting energies and confidence all around. Meanwhile, tracks such as “Big Time” and “2 Tone” deliver a robust and strong-minded vibe that perfectly matches the artist’s rap fans.

With words spilling faster than you can catch them and beats hitting you at different levels, this album is a sure win!