Polish DJ-Producer Drist Returns With New Track “Not Enough” Following His Previous Release “City Lights”

DJ Drist released two of his latest and much-anticipated tracks titled “City Lights” and “Not Enough,” both via the Spanish label United Music Hits. Dropping “City Lights” by the end of September, Drist made a great surprise for his fans by releasing his brand new project “Not Enough” at the beginning of October.

“Not Enough”  is another one of Drist’s bops with various genres blended into his own signature sound running through. The tune has got hooks in all the right places with infectious lyrics laced up with a feminine touch by the vocalist and needless to say this delivery is fire.
Though the topic of the track is sad (the girl sings that all kinds of material things can’t replace someone she is yearning to be with) it is a mosh-worthy offering that transitions smoothly from start to finish transcending a variety of genres, morphing from Future House, Electro, House into Progressive and rapid-succession, setting the tone for an offering that wholly keeps listeners on their toes.

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