Portishead and more celebrated in new virtual music tour of Bath and Bristol

Portishead are one of a number of artists who are being commemorated in a new music project which celebrates Bath and Bristol.

The history of both Bath and Bristol’s music scene is being highlighted via the ‘Everything is Music’ website, which went live last week (May 28).

The website features historical information on over 250 venues in the regions, alongside interviews with artists and producers. Users will also be able to access the information from a phone app in what developers are deeming “a location-based digital museum project taking you on a musical journey through Bristol and Bath.”


A description on the site’s Instagram page added: “From 28 May, discover personal stories and archive material from the people and places who form the musical fabric of these cities.”

Portishead are one of the many artists who feature in the app and can be heard sharing their memories of recording their first album ‘Dummy’ in Bristol. Other artists who feature in the project include IDLES and Tears For Fears; you can access the website here.

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As reported on the BBC, the website has been created by Landmrk who have worked on the project with Crack magazine.

Ben Price told the BBC: “So many people have done amazing research into Bristol’s musical history but it is always something temporary in a museum or an exhibition, we wanted to make something more permanent.

“People can walk around the cities and unlock amazing stories, it takes the idea of a museum out of four walls.


“I’m most proud of the way we have democratised the technology, making it really useable and friendly.”

A post on Crack added that the interactive map on the site also features “an immersive audio walking tour from DJ Pinch guiding users through key points in the story of dubstep.”

It also includes: “A celebration of the women who have reshaped and defined the electronic music landscape of Bristol, a walkthrough the various iconic soundsystems of St. Pauls Carnival and a spoken word performance from Solomon O.B. who last year performed at the historic toppling of the Colston statue.”

Back in April, a number of artists came together to form the Bristol United Guild, a non-profit company that aims to support creatives who have suffered financially as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Musicians offering their support to artists around the city include Massive Attack, Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser, Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley, IDLES and Tricky. From the acting world, Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and The Office‘s Stephen Merchant have also pledged their support.