[PREMIERE] Tisoki Puts A Fresh Spin On Bass For New Single "Don't Lie" feat. KARRA [Dim Mak]

After more than five years of writing up music for an electronic music blog, it’s easy to say I’ve heard a lot of different music in a lot of different styles. In short, it’s hard to catch me by surprise with a truly unique sound. And yet, this new one from Tisoki and KARRA has me absolutely giddy.

“Don’t Lie” comes across as dance hall meets 2008 dubstep. The rhythm is bouncy and fun but the synths bring it all lower and deeper, with a heavy sub bass and a slight touch of wobble. The vocal chops are at an expert level, the percussion is masterful, and KARRA’s contribution is essential.

“Don’t Lie came about super organically. I had the instrumental sitting around for a while, but it felt like it was missing something. KARRA sent over a brilliant topline and the rest is history. It’s hard to imagine the song without her vocal on it.” – Tisoki

When I was sent “Don’t Lie,” I immediately had it on repeat, dancing feverishly in my squeaky office chair, lending my own amateur contribution to the tune. I sit here now, with the song out to the public, doing the same.

Check out “Don’t Lie” from Tisoki featuring KARRA below, out now Dim Mak.

Tisoki Tour Dates

June 21 @ Bootshaus -Cologne, DE
June 26 @ Dim Mak Takeover at Summerfest -Milwaukee, WI
September 29 @ Lost Lands -Legend Valley, OH