President of Pop’s NEW DEBUT Track Is Called ‘Google-ized by Google’s Eyes (The No Internet Song)’

Imagine a world full of color and wonder. No overcast of social media. Just clear blue skies, smelling flowers and having face to face conversations with your neighbors and loved ones. That is the world the President of Pop, also known as P.o.P, has created with his new song, ‘Google-ized by Google’s Eyes (The No Internet Song).’ 

‘Google-ized by Google’s Eyes (The No Internet Song)’ is a brilliant new track that you haven’t heard anything similar to before. The song takes listeners on a wonderful journey where social media does not exist and people are exceptionally happy with what they have.  

The song reawakens those who have been casted by the spell of social media and hopefully gives listeners an opportunity to appreciate their surroundings and not get caught up in the social media life. The cartoon-like graphics display the President of Pop flying on a cartoon arrow resisting all forms of social media. 

If you want to hear the highly anticipated song, ‘Google-ized by Google’s Eyes (The No Internet Song)’, click on the President of Pop’s Earth Headquarters at, type in the TOP SECRET PASSWORD: presidentofpop (all lower case, all one word) (Shhh…),  and see it yourself! 

You can also hear ‘Google-ized by Google’s Eyes (The No Internet Song)’ on Spotify down below: