Rap and Police Brutality: A Mixture of Both in CG Naughty’s Latest Release, “Look Into My Eyes”

“Look Into My Eyes” is an eye-opening performance by emerging artist CG Naughty, leaving the audience wanting more. An impressive technique mixed with unprecedented lyricism adds to a great work, which incorporates various issues of our modern society’s dark side. 

The United States of America have been going through countless police brutality cases, with police officers often being only suspended while getting paid leave. This unfair treatment has given rise to songs similar to “Look Into My Eyes.” Perhaps, the song’s title suggests that because so many police officers fail to look at the eyes of the people they shoot; rather, they aim at their backs. People die due to racial discrimination, and CG Naughty took this matter into his own hands to shed light on this crucial topic. 

The perplexing vocals accompanying CG Naughty give a sense of truly beautiful musical composition in all aspects of the word. It is rare to receive emotion from musical compositions, but CG Naughty overcomes all barriers and delivers a thrilling performance that can talk to the viewer, with various levels of interpretation possible. 

Surely, we will enjoy more music from CG Naughty in the near future, but for now, sit back and enjoy his latest release, “Look Into My Eyes.”

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