REGALJASON Releases The Cathartic Anthem “EMPIRE” (Official Music Video)

Jamaican born and Panama raised music artist REGALJASON releases the cathartic anthem titled “EMPIRE” with an unusually beautiful music video that perfectly suits his eclectic personality and art. 

Most of the single sees REGALJASON unleash his extraordinary vocal performance over a minimalistic sound design. From a listener’s standpoint, it almost feels like the whole track is an acapella performance, and yet the sound effects, perfectly placed beats, and added textures play a crucial role in elevating the artist’s message and singing talents. 

The depth of his lyrics are as impressive as they are empowering. From the apexes of poverty and opulence, the symbiotic relationship between innovation and degradation, modern day feudalism, and more, REGALJASON shares a poetic social commentary fueled by his own experience of the world.

His boundary-pushing imagination and innate understanding of music blend-into a magnificent debut work, setting the bar extremely high until the next drop, stay tuned!

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