REPORT: Leaked Skrillex EP Dropping Within Days

With Skrillex on the verge of releasing new music, r/skrillex is looking for a sign.

In the apparent leak below, BASSLAND shares what appears to be a forthcoming EP from Skrillex coming Friday, July 19. Just two tracks — “Fuji Opener” (aka “Ping Pong”) with Alvin Risk and “Mumbai Power” featuring Beam.

As with any leak, we have to take this with a grain of salt — but how awesome will it be if this is legit?

In a recent social media post, Skrillex revealed he has new music coming and plans to “pump em out quick!” He also played out the “Fuji Opener,” otherwise known as “Ping Pong” during a live stream.

What we do know is — some of the IDs we’ve heard Skrillex play out during sets are getting primed for release. According to the producer, he’s taking at least a “couple” of these DJ tools and finishing/mixing them into “real songs.”

Could these be the ones? Check back Friday to see if this drops for real.

Skrillex – 2 Track EP???

2 track EP??? from skrillex