REZZ Drops Fire New Deathpact Collab By Surprise [MUST LISTEN]

Officially due out tomorrow, REZZ has dropped her next track from Beyond The Senses, “Kiss Of Death” with Deathpact, quite early.

“Kiss Of Death” is the third single from REZZ’s forthcoming EP, following “Falling” with Underoath and “Dark Age.” Rezz has clearly found her sound across two albums and multiple EPs in the past few years, and “Kiss of Death” is no different.

The magic of Rezz’s music, however, doesn’t lie in the big, grandiose differences, but rather in subtle tweaks and shifts. Sometimes it’s as small as a different synth or slightly syncopated beat; whatever it is, Rezz’s magic seems boundless.

Check out “Kiss of Death” below and stay tuned for the full EP release two weeks from tomorrow!