REZZ Set To Debut Loads New Music At EDC 2019

Back in March, Rezz announced that her new EP is done. “EP,” being the operative phrase, indicates that Rezz will probably not release another album for the third year in a row, but take things a bit slower in 2019. That being said, new Rezz is new Rezz and we’re not in any position to cry foul about how many tracks we’re getting.

No word has been given on release date yet, but it probably won’t be until around June. Rezz just tweeted that she’s going to “debut a couple songs” at EDC Las Vegas, which is in May — logic follows that if the EP were already released, they wouldn’t be debuts.

Check back in May for live videos of these tunes as the Cult will definitely be on the lookout in Vegas. Depending on if Rezz appears on the EDC live stream, we may even have some HD video of it, as well.