Rod Stewart and Elvis Costello laugh off media “feud”

Rod Stewart and Elvis Costello have laughed off a so called spat between the two.

It comes after it was reported that Costello branded the recent Platinum Jubilee concert, which was headlined by Queen, Diana Ross and Elton John, “shite” and singled out Stewart for criticism.

“I mean, I know you all love him and he’s one of yours and everything, but Rod. What the fuck? I must say, listen we all have bad nights vocally, but for fuck’s sake, Sweet fucking Caroline,” he is reported to have said, according to the Mirror.


“Are you fucking kidding me? I mean I’ve been in showbusiness 45 years so I do know a thing or two. How is it that nobody suggested Rod sing ‘You Wear It Well?’”

The reports prompted Stewart to respond on Twitter: “Dear Elvis @elviscostello, yes my voice was rough cos of Covid. I apologise, I thought it better it to make an appearance rather than let everyone down so sorry. By the way where’s your hair gone mate????? Sir Rod.”

Costello also reportedly took a dig at Diana Ross’ set, adding: “Listen, Diana Ross had a whole playlist of songs that would have fitted the occasion: ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’, ‘I’m Living In Shame’. I’m not saying ‘Love Child’. You never heard it from me.”

Now, he has responded to the reports and singled out the Mirror‘s article describing it as “typical Mirror shite” and that his criticism of Stewart was about the song choice and not the performance itself.


He added: “If you read my actual remark, it [was] about the wrong-headed idea of asking Sir Rod [to] pass up ‘You Wear It Well’ to lead a fucking singalong.”

Costello also clarified his comments on Ross. “Ms. Ross is deity. Have some damn respect. I was joking about the many uncomfortable choices that were overlooked,” he said.

He later responded to Stewart, laughing the whole feud off. “Dear Lord Stewart. You know I love you. Think the Queen would have loved ‘You Wear It Well’ or even ‘Hot Legs’. As to gigs, I had a stinker the other night in Liverpool. They come and go, like hair, which I keep sewn in my hat. Up The Republic. Elvis O.rrible B.loody E.erbet,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Costello, Beck, Animal Collective and Jeff Tweedy were among a host of artists that recently appeared on a new birdsong-inspired compilation album.