Salma Hayek’s pet owl once coughed up a hairball on Harry Styles’ head

Salma Hayek has recalled the unfortunate time her pet owl coughed up a hairball on Harry Styles‘ head.

The actress, currently starring in Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, told Ellen DeGeneres about the time that Styles visited her house and got to know her owl Kering.

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“One time there was a very important celebrity, will not say his name, and he was really excited about the owl and was hoping the owl would go on his head because it was on me,” Hayek said. “He’s like, ‘I need an owl in my life. How do you do that?’ And the minute he least expected it, he came on his head.”


The actress went on: “But then [the owl] did the thing, and this thing came out, this ball of rat hair was on his head. He was okay. He was kind of cool, he didn’t scream. That happens sometimes when you have guests in this house!”

DeGeneres later asked if the guest in question was Styles, which Hayek then confirmed. “I hope I’m not in trouble!” she said. “He was super cool, by the way. He was super cool even with that happening. … He’s the best.”

Meanwhile, Salma Hayek recently revealed she almost died of COVID-19 during the early stages of the pandemic.

“My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because it was so bad,” Hayek told Variety earlier this year, after previously keeping her diagnosis private.


She explained that she then spent seven weeks isolated in a room in her house, and was put on oxygen. Hayek added: “I said: ‘No, thank you. I’d rather die at home.’”