Samual Cochrane Steps Into A New Light With The Release Of Drowning In Fire

Have you ever searched for the perfect album that explains all the emotions you’re feeling packed perfectly into one collection? Well, that’s what Samual Cochrane’s recently released album will do just for you! Drowning In Fire is a mix between wondrous elements, surfacing the various sounds and satisfactions music has to offer. The Toronto-based has unleashed a beautiful composition of tones that define unity, connection, and bonds to your inner self, thanks to his vocal performance that tackle various emotions at once, lik on the main single “Drowning on Fire,” or the deeply moving “Be You, Tearful You.” 

Searching for a deeper meaning of one’s self can be a challenge. However, the multi-talented artist has done just that. While his fascination with music began from a very young age, Cochrane has been able to verbalize and transport listeners with his meticulous choice of lyrics and precise crafting of sound. 

Drowning In Fire will help listeners find themselves, as the artist sings about all the challenges and experiences he’s gone through in life. He does a perfect job at bringing out creativity and helping his fans free their souls. By allowing yourself to express your feelings, listeners will find that his music brings love into the air and brings out the emotions you never knew existed.  

Stream Drowning In Fire below: