Seekay Brings Simplicity In Its Most Complex Form On Electro-Pop Single ”Hold”

Uk based poet and producer Seekay has recently released a new track, “Hold” featuring his new protege, the singer Chloe. “Hold” is an electro-pop single that presents old and new combinations, from chill-out to deep progressive house, layering Chloe’s voice in a subtle and deeply moving way. 

This slow-paced banger has a groovy feel throughout, delivering tender and soothing vibes that build-up the momentum of this love serenade. 


A tribute to love and its inescapable destiny, Seekay has written a captivating poem and story, where two lovers who had abandoned each other step on their egos to come back to the source of their being and the love they are destined to share. 

What he describes in reality is a form of divine intervention that would change the course of two human beings’ lives by bringing them back together for the ultimate experience of love. 

Seekay is a creator who brings simplicity in its most complex forms, the sign of great artists.