Send us your questions for Jason Pierce

Next month, Spiritualized will launch the The Spaceman Reissue Program with a half-speed remaster of their 1992 debut, Lazer Guided Melodies.

While bandleader Jason Pierce is in retrospective mode, we’ve managed to collar him to answer your questions for Uncut’s next Audience With feature.

Over the course of 35 years in music, Pierce’s unyielding psychedelic vision has provided us with numerous moments of spiritual and emotional enlightenment, first with the perfect prescriptions of Spacemen 3, then with the celestial majesty of Spiritualized, not to mention various solo excursions into free jazz and soundtracks. He’s walked with Jesus, he’s floated in space and he’s survived an actual near-death experience as documented on 2008’s Songs In A&E… but as 2018’s mighty And Nothing Hurt proved, he’s still here, making soul-stirring, transformative music – a perfect miracle.


So what do you want to ask the dedicated musical cosmonaut otherwise known as J Spaceman? Send your questions to [email protected] by Monday (March 15), and Jason will answer the best ones in a future issue of Uncut.