Shaq Is Going Viral For Headbanging On The Rail At Tomorrowland [VIDEO]

Shaq is one of the biggest names in dance music right now… and we mean that literally. The 7’1″ star has been on a tear as he tours by the name Dj Diesel, whether at local shows or big, international festivals. Yesterday, he made an appearance during Modestep’s set at Tomorrowland and was front row, riding the rail like the best of them.

Kill The Noise was there to witness the whole thing, shared some videos, and also offered his own perspective on the positivity Shaq exudes.

watching @SHAQ get down just made my whole god damn year this dude has an insane aura of positivity around him also my first time at @tomorrowland and the whole experience is really incredible the music is taking hold of everyone here as the sun is goin down let’s go!

Check out the videos below! Tomorrowland continues this tomorrow and next weekend.