Sorry Ladies… Martin Garrix is Officially Taken

Sorry about your luck ladies, but the #1 DJ in the world is no longer single…

Although Martin Garrix didn’t make a special statement about this new love interest, he did share this photo below that’s worth a thousand words. The Instagram post shows him and his new girlfriend, Charelle Schriek, holding hands while scuba diving — awww!

How do we know this mystery girl’s name? It’s written all over the comments. Plus, she shared a romantic image her own two weeks ago during Christmas time, which was easy to miss for anyone not following her account.

Scrolling back deeper and it’s obvious these two have been low key hanging out for a while. 6 months… 8 months… It’s possible they were even together for Coachella 2017, per the hand holding post below. Who knew.

Wishing the best for this new couple!