Sports Team attempt to beat Pete Doherty’s time in Margate café breakfast challenge

Sports Team have attempted to beat Pete Doherty‘s time in the breakfast challenge at Margate’s Dalby Café.

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The Libertines‘ frontman, who now lives in the Kent seaside town, smashed through the ‘Mega Breakfast’ in under 20 minutes back in 2018. According to café owner Mark Ezekiel, only “five or six” people had managed the feat at that time.

Today (September 15), Sports Team shared an image of guitarist Henry Young taking on the same massive meal – which consists of four rashers of bacon, four eggs, four sausages, hash browns, onion rings, bubble and squeak, two slices of thick bread, and a quarter-pounder burger and chips.


“Pete Doherty, if you have any pride, you will come down to the Dolby [sic] and defend your title,” they captioned the snap.

Just 15 minutes later, however, Young threw in the towel. “flop team,” the band wrote above the second photo, which showed a large, untouched portion of food remaining on the plate.

“In hindsight probably didn’t need the Yazoo,” Young tweeted later. Check out the posts below.



Speaking to NME following Doherty’s victory in the challenge, Dalby Café’s Mark Ezekiel said that they “go through phases of people trying it out”.

“It’s been going since 2002 or 2003. Then that Man Vs. Food came out, and that became a big thing, so it got even bigger,” he explained. “It’s just always been there – I’ve always had it more for a talking point. And obviously now it’s getting talked about a lot!”

Meanwhile, Sports Team are in the running for the Mercury Prize 2020 for their debut album ‘Deep Down Happy’. The winner of this year’s award will be revealed on The One Show next Thursday (September 24).

“I’d rather win The Mercury Prize than anything else,” Sports Team’s lead singer Alex Rice told NME of the nod. “It’s just bigger than anything else. It does feel like recognition from people just like us, who are obsessed with music, which is incredible.”