Steve Edwards Shines Bright With A Debut Single “Colour of Blood”

Steve Edwards has just dropped his new single called “Colour of Blood”. The New Zealand-based singer-songwriter executed a beautiful vision through his music video and through the overall melodic song vibes. A composition in the modern rock genre, “Colour of Blood” is a transcendental anthem of truth pouring out of the artist’s life experiences.

“Colour of Blood” is the first of ten songs in Steve’s upcoming album Born which promises to be a treat for the masses. Like most good songwriters, Steve Edwards too, puts his own experiences, wisdom gained through living, and deeply personal thoughts into his songs.

Having lived in the UK for a while, Steve achieved considerable success with his song “One by One”, which, after reaching a BBC Radio 2 producer, became Record of the Week and got play-listed for five weeks without a video, a marketing campaign, a tour, or regional radio support. This, of course, was huge, but Steve decided to move back to New Zealand where he got married, had three children, and started a profitable business with his wife before diving headlong into the music production industry.

And now he is determined to dazzle everyone with his talent.

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