Sumen Releases Powerful New Collection Of Cross Genre Songs

El Segundo, CA-based songwriter and producer Sumen, has just released an impressive collection of songs, six of them, each offering a different feel and often blending multiple genres. “Hold Me, Love Me,” “Let It Roll,” “Critical Rescue,” “Silly Songwriter,” “All I Want” and “The Covid-19 Fix” are the titles of Sumen’s new releases. 

From rock and roll to blues, pop, and even rockabilly, Sumen’s Berklee College of Music’ education has given him the tools and musical knowledge to compose and create any kind of music he wishes to make. 

One of the most playful releases we have heard in a while, “Silly Songwriter” is a rockabilly song inspired by The Beatles’ member Ringo Starr’s early years’ drumming technique, the half swing drum groove). “Hold Me, Love Me” is the ultimate rock-dance track, two genres Sumen researched in-depth to create this incredible fusion. 

The Covid-19 crisis also inspired Sumen to imagine a track crafted specifically for the events titled “The Covid-19 Fix,” portraying a lighthearted take on the events through sophisticated acoustic guitar licks, loose bass guitar lines, and catchy vocal melodies. 

All in all, Sumen is proving his undeniable talent throughout each of these songs, no extraordinary fact knowing that he comes from a musical family, so the inspiration and sounds run deep in his veins.