Summer Rain’s New Timeless Classic Distilled In “Let Me Tell You”

Summer Rain, a modern rock band based in Canada, has released their newest single “Let Me Tell You” which is a beautiful romance song that instantly takes the listener to the time of classical hits of North American Music. Influenced by Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and Oasis, their music captures the interpersonal energy the band members have as well as the authenticity each person adds to it. 

Summer Rain has three members — Will McLelland as lead vocalist and guitarist, Josh Beausoleil on bass and vocals, and Logan Hale on drums and slide whistle. The band’s previous release, “Hold Her Hand”, was undoubtedly a hit with over 15K views on YouTube and Spotify combined. They are said to be releasing a new single every six weeks, so stay tuned for more youthful, relatable, and heartfelt music.

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