Sungchan and Shotaro leave NCT, to re-debut in “new boy group”

K-pop idols Sungchan and Shotaro have left boyband NCT, SM Entertainment has announced.

The K-pop agency announced on NCT’s social media accounts today (May 24) that Sungchan and Shotaro will be “closing their chapter with NCT”, and also confirmed future plans for the two idols.

“We express our deepest apologies and appreciation for the fans that have been supporting and early waiting for them to debut as part of a new NCT group,” SM Entertainment said. Instead, the duo are set to re-debut in a “new boy group that will launch in 2023”.


“After careful consideration and discussion with Sungchan and Shotaro in preparation of SM 3.0, we have come to a decision that would best refeclt the artists’ thoughts and each of the group’s artistic and musical direction,” the K-pop agency added.

Elsewhere in its statement, SM Entertainment also touched on the upcoming Japan-based NCT sub-group, also known as NCT Tokyo. The agency confirmed that the new group will be the “final” one as part of “NCT’s infinite expansion”.

“We aim to launch one with a distinctive worldview that is truly representitive of a regional identity,” SM Entertainment added. “In alignment with this, we will be increasing the number of Japanese members, unveiling new members and sharing their debut journey with fans.”

Sungchan and Shotaro first joined NCT in October 2020, and were featured in songs on the boyband’s second and third studio albums, ‘NCT 2020 Resonance’ and ‘Universe’, respectively.

However, unlike the NCT members that had come before them, the duo never ended up joining any of the boyband’s sub-groups, which include: NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV.


Sungchan and Shotaro are also the second and third NCT members to leave the boyband this month. On May 10, Lucas Wong of NCT and WayV announced that he would depart from the groups, following a lengthy hiatus.