T-Pain Says Chris Brown's "Heartbreak on A Full Moon" Was His Favorite Album of 2017

It was on October 31st that Chris Brown dropped f his Heartbreak On A Full Moon double disc effort, a hefty project that features 40 cuts, a facet that according to T-Pain makes it so easy to love. 

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“There’s enough to pick from,” he explained in a recent interveiw with Rap-Up, reasoning why Breezy’s eighth studio album was his favorite outing the year. “You’re gonna like most that album, but even if you don’t like most the album, you’re gonna like an album’s worth that album. There’s for sure 12 songs on there that you’ll like. You can’t go wrong. You cannot not like a big chunk 45 songs. You’re gonna like an album’s worth it so there’s no way to lose on that album. There’s no way to not like that album.

Heartbreak On A Full Moon proved to pull its own weight, having earned a Gold certification and peaking at the Number 3 slot on the Billboard Hot 200 charts. On the track listing, you’ll find that previously-released singles such as “Party” and “Privacy” have also earned Brown an additonal Platinum plaque or two.

As for T-Pain, he went on to say that he’d be looking forward to making a few waves in 2018 as he prepares to unleash tricks tucked up his sleeve, including the long-awaited Stoicville: The Phoenix effort. “Stoicville is like a passion project for me,” he relayed. “I didn’t put out Stoicville because the label wouldn’t have treated it right.”

Now that the hitmaker’s time with RCA is up, sky’s certainly the limit on what awaits the T-Pain hive in the new year.