So far this season, there has been a slew of companies profiting off of Game of Thrones' final season. While some partnerships have been intentional, like Oreo and Mountain Dew, others happened completely by mistake. This week, a huge to-do was made after fans noticed a Starbucks cup clearly in one of the shots. Now, we never knew there was a Starbucks in Winterfell but apparently, neither did the production team working on set that day. The scene has since been edited and the cup was removed. With tons of money to be made, Xbox has decided to do their own little Game of Thrones promotion, announcing that they will be giving away two custom consoles to a couple of lucky fans.

Xbox Announces "Game Of Thrones" Custom Console Giveaway
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As reported by Variety, two custom designs have been created by Xbox to honour either the Night King or House Targaryen. Fans are being offered a chance to win one of the two models. The Targaryen model is covered in leather dragon scales and has the House's emblem on top while the Night King console features weathered tin metal. 

Until May 22, you can win one of the consoles by simply liking Xbox's post on Facebook and retweeting them on Twitter. Only two people will win the custom creations so you better cross your fingers that you've got luck on your side.