PETA has been recognized, for a very long time, as a corporation with a eager eye for what sells. Ever since getting Pamela Anderson to take off her garments to sentence the fur business, they've had a knack for making causes viral (even when, like within the case of their anti-seal hunt marketing campaign, they endanger an entire group's lifestyle). In their new advert, though no person will get bare, their use of greens as penises is just not precisely delicate: 

Likely realizing that "the key to male sexual stamina is veggies" is a bit imprecise, PETA went into a bit extra depth to Metro UK:

The consumption of animal-derived meals has lengthy been linked to artery blockages that trigger insufficient functioning of not solely a person’s coronary heart but in addition his different important organs. ‘In distinction, consuming meals excessive in fibre – together with fruits, greens, and complete grains – helps scrub the plaque off arterial partitions and get blood flowing to the components he wants it flowing to, bettering his love life and bringing satisfaction to another person. ‘Viagra might assist males final one night time per tablet, however a vegan weight loss plan (“vegan Viagra”) will profit them all through their lives, that are often longer than these of meat-eaters.

Some of PETA's previous campaigns:

PETA's Drops Absurd New Penis-Vegetable Ad: Watch

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

PETA's Drops Absurd New Penis-Vegetable Ad: Watch

Angela Weiss/Getty Images