Believe it or not, Ninja aka Tyler Blevins the famed Fortniter, earned a one-time paycheck to modify sides, this in accordance with sources over at Reuters. The report states that Ninja was requested by Electronic Arts to assist the writer launch Apex Legends whereas the sport was barely unraveled to the general public.

Blevins is not the one well-known Twitch steamer Electronic Arts is alleged to have approached, however his endorsement was probably the costliest, and thus the toughest to clinch. Plenty of different high-profile streamers are being credited with unimaginable surge Apex Legends loved upon its launch: 50 million gamers leaping ship in underneath 30 days.

Like Fornite earlier than it, Apex Legends is free-to-play but extremely dependant on gamers buying beauty add-ons as soon as they’ve turn out to be fully swept up by its addictive attraction. The recreation’s launch was simulcast throughout totally different continental zone when it got here to go.

“We actually needed to create a day the place you couldn’t escape ‘Apex’ in case you cared about video games,” mentioned Drew McCoy, the lead producer on the Apex mission. “And we needed it to really feel like an occasion was taking place in every single place across the globe on that day.”

Bear in thoughts, not each streamer is made from the identical stuff as Ninja. If eSports as a medium is to achieve the business highs of a banner league just like the MLB or NBA, they might want to kickstart a bunny farm replete with Ninja cloning units, simply to interrupt even.