When ESPN revealed that they would be doing a show with Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre called "High Noon," sports fans were pretty excited. Well, at least those who enjoy thoughtful and nuanced conversations. Regardless of how you feel about their opinions, Jones and Torre are considered to be two of the smartest men in sports media and the prospect of them coming together was exciting. Unfortunately, ESPN felt as though not enough people were watching. After a 3% rating decline in Q1 of this year, ESPN announced yesterday that "High Noon" would run all the way through March and would be canceled immediately after.

The news led to a swift reaction on social media as many tried to make sense of it all. There were quite a few people who were happy about the cancelation as they claimed that Bomani and Torre simply weren't interesting enough to watch for 30 minutes. Others were devastated by the cancelation and said that their fate was the result of a culture that promotes hot takes and uninformed opinions over nuanced debates. Not to mention, "High Noon" was given a timeslot that is practically impossible to succeed in. 

Check out some of the reactions to the news, below.