The R&B singer and dance-master Chris Brown has taken it to social media to celebrate a career milestone recently. The singer rejoiced as statistics indicated he spent a total of 400 weeks on the Billboard 200 Chart. The latter occurred thanks to his album Heartbreak On A Full Moon which stays sitting comfortably on the charts and is going onto its 77th week.

In a vivid caption mentioning the moment, Chris Brown stated: “400 weeks!!! IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS INDIGO ALBUM NOW! ( oh, and just to let y’all in on a lil secret) IM TURNING 30 so there will be 30 songs on this one. SORRY NOT SORRY.” And the caption seems fitting considering Heartbreak On The Full Moon consisted of a total of 45 tracks, laid over a double disc. 

Moreover, the 29-year old’s eighth studio album went onto bringing much success for Chris Brown since its 2017 release. Along with being met with critical acclaim and an overall good rating, the album did well commercially and earned the third spot on the US Billboard 200 chart shortly after its release. Up until June 2018, the album has gone onto accumulating a total of 3 billion streams worldwide. Hence, this is just another accomplishment for Chris to add to the list.

Nevertheless, congratulations Chris!