Tech N9NE Addresses Fat Joe Saying Eminem Can’t be Touched In Verzuz

Last week, Fat Joe said that DMX wouldn't stand a chance against Eminem in a Verzuz battle and suggested nobody would, because of Shady's fervent fanbase.

"There's something about that white boy, and his fans.  Nah bro.  That n*gga's David  Koresh.  That n*gga different," Fat Joe explains.  "Eminem was hot when we came out. His fans from day one when he was making "Stan" and all of that are 40, 45 years old.  These white people they teach their kids who are ten years old that Eminem is the greatest.  You go to the airport ten years are playing his hits … they keep teaching their kids that he's the man."

Tech N9NE, who a serious music head, was asked about that.  He agreed that DMX isn't a good matchup for Em.  But he didn't agree that Shady can't be touched. [Jump to 3 minutes]

"Who could battle Eminem," Tech wondered. "Because Eminem can go from the to the mid-90s all the way up to now with "Godzilla".  All the Rihanna songs.  All the Ed Sheeran songs.  The song with Trick Trick … He can go forever. He can go to D12.  He can use his different personalities, like Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, Eminem, whatever. He can go on forever.  Somebody else that can go on forever … JAY-Z.  So Eminem and JAY-Z. JAY-Z's gonna knock him out with the clubbers [like "Dirt Off Your Shoulders.]  JAY-Z and Eminem would be a good one.  It's gonna be different.  You know the thing with Nelly and Ludacris when Ludacris had the club bangers and Nelly had the going-diamond music. That's kind of how it would maybe be with Eminem and JAY-Z because they both got mega-hits," Tech explained.

As for DMX, Tech has all the respect in the world for the Dark Man.  He just doesn't think he did it long enough

"DMX, got a lot of them.  But when you get up to now though.  To go against Eminem you got to sustain from then to now," TECH explained. 

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