Teka$hi 69 Says He’s Getting Blackballed

Teka$hi 69 Says He's Getting Blackballed

We know now that Teka$hi 6ix9ine pled guilty to three felony counts Use a Child in a Sexual Performance.

Festival bookers know this too, and they haven't been booking 69 because it.

Then Akademiks brought up the fact that it's easier for Teka$hi to book shows in Europe — where they presumably don't care as much that an artist admitted to doing bad things to a 13-year-old — than it is in the US. 

69 went on to say that he's one the top 10 or 15 artists in America right now and that if he doesn't get picked for XXL's Freshman list next year "that shit is rigged."

Check the interview below.

Do you think 69 deserves to be blackballed? You can read more about the charges he pled guilty to here.

Teka$hi 69 Says He's Getting Blackballed