From Tennis Player To Soul Artist: French Singer Lomijoh Shares The Recipe For Her Hit New Single

Hi Lomijoh, welcome to New Hit Singles! Where are you from? Where are you currently based? 

I grew up in Paris, I’m half Cameroonian/Belgian and French cause I’m born there. Currently, I live in New York, I’m based there, the city of my heart.

We are in love with your smooth soul sound! Is your new hit single “Don’t Let It Go” based on your own experience? 

I’m delighted that you love it. Yes definitely, after a break up I turned this experience into a self mind development and introspection about what a relationship is. To resume, for me even if things turn complicated by external factors we should keep our love previously no matter what if it is really important and not throw it away at the first wall. 

Rumor has it that you are about to release a new track? Can you tell us a bit about it? How will it be different from your debut single?

Yes, end of April I’m releasing my first rap single. You know as a human being I have different emotions and I’m full of contradictions too I can be sensitive but savage too. It’s my personality so it is important for me to transcribe my rap trap hip hop influences in my music too. I wanted a rap song that can empower women too while having fun and dancing and I really think I reached my goal. 

We have heard that you are also a model and a professional tennis player, how did you end up in the music industry? 

Yes, I was a pro tennis player until my 17s then I stopped and started modeling. For me it’s not “ ending up because before tennis I used to do and learn the piano, I had a teacher etc and I was writing little songs too. In my mindset, I didn’t take it very approachable so I chose another way but apparently what is destined to you can come back to you without really expecting it like a boomerang. So it’s more a continuation. 

What are three things that inspire you as a musician?

People. Emotions. Energy. 

What do you currently listen to? What’s your favorite music genre to vibe with? 

I put on repeat “No Idea” by Don Toliver. I love every kind of music. It really depends on my mood and feeling of the day. For example, if I want to dance and feeling that vibe I’m listing Hip hop and Afro beats. If I’m feeling a little bit moody I’m going to listen to RNB SOUL music. If I want to feel the quietness and focused on my energy I listen to classical music. For a chill vibe, I’m listing Jazz and if I don’t know how I’m feeling I’m listening to rock ahah. 

What’s your recipe for a hit single?  

I think there is no recipe we have to trust our heart feelings and being happy about what we worked on because self consideration is the most important and will attract consideration. 

If not music, then what? 

Then music in another life!

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