Terry Richardson Under Investigation By NYPD For Sexual Assault

Some may say it’s been a long coming for Terry Richardson since he’s been banned from shooting for Vogue and GQ magazine after years sexual assault allegations. But just recently, multiple women revealed to The Daily News that they have been contacted by the NYPD to discuss the number claims.

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One the many allegations comes from former model Caron Bernstein, who tells the publication the time she was invited to Terry’s Lower East Side condo in 2003. She explains how Terry positioned her in a chair, took photos and then exposed his penis and forced himself into her mouth. 

“It was like literally being shot with a stun gun. My brain just went on pause,” she said. “I wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t performing as a model. I was like a deer in the headlights. I wasn’t drugged, I wasn’t handcuffed. Thank God that never happened. But in a weird way, that would have made it easier to forgive myself for not fighting him f.”

Terry denies the allegation, where his lawyer, Brad D. Rose, told Daily News, “Ms. Bernstein knowingly and willingly posed for these photographs and at all times prior to and during the shoot, any contact she had with Mr. Richardson was consensual.”

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Another model who was in front Terry’s lens told Daily News a time she agreed to pose topless for V Magazine after she was told it was for an editorial feature. Once the shoot began and those surrounding left the room, Terry allegedly moved in on her and ejaculated on her chest, and still continued to take photos after. 

A rep for the magazine later revealed there was no evidence that showed Terry was in charge any V Magazine editorial at that time.