“Tha Bounce” By EDVANZD Is A Must-Hear

Prolific artist EDVANZD delights audiences across the world with the premiere of “Tha Bounce” that’s gaining more and more traction by the minute. The rapper has outdone himself yet again with a beautiful, artistic touch on the entire piece. The music video opens with an ominous melody and visuals that’ll take you to the old school horror film feels. But as the rapping begins, you know you’re in for a treat! 

“Next to the newborn my wife and I just had, “Tha Bounce” is definitely my baby. It has so many  layers and meanings that I hope everyone can appreciate upon multiple listens and views. I love  creating multi-tiered art,” EDVANZD said about the song.

Booming clap beats and powerful synths set up the stage for massive, non-stop lyrics and chorus that feel like a blast. The artist certainly seems to be enjoying his own performance, which makes the entire piece all the more fun to listen to. Check out the music video below!

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