Thailand’s Homegrown Female Talents Are Taking Techno Global

Smirnoff and Mixmag continue their Global Dancefloor exploration with a look at the thriving community in Bangkok, Thailand, with Nakadia and Mendy Indigo. (Watch episode 1 with Black Coffee here.) Foreign DJs have realized what a booming market east Asia was in the past few years and have made a major push to route tours through Thailand, South Korea, Japan, China, and more. But now a growing group of native DJs are making their mark on the scene.

Mendy Indigo and Nakadia are two DJs born in Thailand that found dance music through the local club scene and the touring DJs who occasionally came through on tours. Specifically, the female DJs, like XO809, Mendy, and Indigo, are supporting each other and helping each other grow to be as salient as the major international DJs that sometimes visit.

Watch Global Dancefloor: Thailand with Mendy Indigo and Nakadia, presented by Smirnoff and Mixmag, below.