The Chainsmokers Drop Six New Remixes For Their Latest Single

The Chainsmokers are keeping their steady stream of new music flowing with a new remix EP for their most recent track, “Somebody” featuring Drew Love.

The fun thing about remix packs is that you never really know what you’re going to get. And with this one, there’s a wide variety of styles from artists including Naderi, T-Mass, Sippy and more. From bold and heavy to soft and chilled out, The Chainsmokers offer up 6 brand new and totally different takes on “Somebody.”

Riggi & Piros manage to transform the single most, from an EDM-infuesed pop hit into a straight up rave track we can hear playing out at the hottest nightclubs. For a split second, you might forget this is a remix EP from The Chainsmokers because it sounds that different from their usual style.

Moving along, Naderi takes a unique, futuristic approach with a hint of his signature trap flair, and Sippy goes in, hard. Fluencee and Ruhde remixes are all about the vibes, so sit back and enjoy.

Listen to all six tracks below and let us know which ones you’re digging the most!

The Chainsmokers – “Somebody” Remixes