The Cure release acclaimed ‘CURÆTION-25’ show on streaming services for first time

The Cure have released their acclaimed ‘CURÆTION-25’ performance at London’s Meltdown Festival in 2018 on streaming services for the first time.

Previously released as a DVD, the ambitious performance saw The Cure playing songs from each of the band’s 13 studio albums in chronological order, spanning their catalog from 1979 to 2018, and then in reverse order from 2018 to 1979 as part of two symmetrical sets.

The first was called ‘From There to Here’ and saw them play one song from each of their 13 studio albums in chronological order, before ending with the recent unreleased song ‘It Can Never Be the Same’.


They then returned for ‘From Here to There’ to open with ‘Step Into the Light’ before then playing a track from each album once more, but this time in reverse chronology and ending on ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

Now, it’s been confirmed that the show will stream in the U.S. on The Coda Collection, a subscription streaming offering featuring an exclusive, curated selection of iconic music documentaries, concert films, and episodic series via Amazon Prime Video Channels.

“This Meltdown performance is memorable for many reasons,” said The Cure’s Robert Smith.

“The format we chose gave the band a unique opportunity to illuminate and celebrate the kaleidoscopic musical trip we are all on, in a very special venue in a very special year.”

You can sign up for a free 7-day trial for The Coda Collection here. 


Describing the show, and how it proved different to their mammoth 2018 show which marked 40 years of the band, Robert Smith previously told NME: “To me, it’s there even through some songs that you wouldn’t normally like together. It was a concept, which is why I called it ‘CUREATION 25’ instead of The Cure. I thought, ‘Let’s go full hog, this will probably be the only conceptual thing I ever do in my life’.

“It was really good and completely different to Hyde Park, but also a lot more difficult. I was a lot more worried about it too, funnily enough. An intimate audience is as intimidating as a large audience, just for different reasons. You can hear individual people in between songs and you have the heckling factor, which you don’t really get with a 65,000 crowd.”

Meanwhile, this week sees Smith teaming up with CHVRCHES for new track ‘How Not To Drown’.

Last year, Smith also revealed that three new Cure albums are currently in the works, and hinted that one of those records could be released before the end of 2020, though the release never materialised.