‘The Glory’ actress Shin Ye-eun says she lost Instagram followers because of her role

South Korean actress Shin Ye-eun, who recently starred in Netflix’s The Glory as one of its antagonists, says that some fans have unfollowed her on Instagram since the series’ release.

The 25-year-old actress played the younger version of antagonist Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon), who was a bully during her high school days. Following its release, Shin shared that she had lost Instagram followers due to her role in the series.

The actress recently appeared on an episode of SBS talk show My Little Old Boy, where she discussed the success of The Glory as well as her leading role in new K-drama The Secret Romantic Guesthouse.


“[The older Park Yeon-jin] is played by Lim Ji-yeon, and she’s getting a lot of messages about the hair curler,” said host Seo Jang-hoon, in reference to scenes where Yeon-jin burns series protagonist Moon Dong-eun with a hair curler during their school days. “Ye-eun, did you get those messages too?”

Shin shared how her agency thought she would gain a lot of followers, though that wouldn’t turn out to be the case. “They said a lot of people will like me, so I was a little excited about that, ” she said, “[but] many people said that they don’t want to see me smile, and that they don’t want to see my face.”

“People actually unfollowed me,” Shin told the hosts and panel with a laugh, to which one of them said: “That’s success. That means you act well.”

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Last week, Lim also spoke about her experience playing the adult version of Yeon-jin in The Glory, sharing that she had “always wanted to play an antagonist”, but did not think she would get the opportunity to do so until her forties.

“When I take on a role for a project, I try to make viewers love and relate to my character, ut I’ve never had to develop a character to be hated,” said Lim. “And there was a catharsis that came from it.”