The HBIC: 6 Things We Should Find At The Tiffany “New York” Pollard Exhibit

Somehow the stars have aligned and reality TV guru Tiffany “New York” Pollard is getting her own exhibit at the in Brooklyn.

It will be titled “David’s Dead: A Celebration Tiffany Pollard”


Most people know her as one the stars on the 2006 show Flavor Love and its spinf I Love New York. But her reach extends far beyond the VH1 world.

Her appearance on Big Brother UK resulted in a viral moment that cemented her place in reality TV history.

Tiffany had a full-blown meltdown when she thought one her cast mates David Gest died, when in reality, news was circulating that singer David Bowie had died.


The moment was .

With classic scenes like this, we couldn’t help but reflect on Tiffany’s whole career and what artifacts should be housed in the exhibit.

Swipe through to check out some items that made reality TV history and should be preserved for generations to come.